iSelling To Power - Nailing the Complex Sale


"I would feel a lot more confident about moving into Europe if we had a couple of major clients under our belt!"

Local knowledge, sector experience, credibility.

RICHARDbSCOTT offers industry-networked consultancy that sharply focuses the competitive advantages of your company, your product and your solution on the specific requirements of the European customer.

The right advantages are emphasized at the right time, to the right people in order to close the deal - ideally avoiding prolonged formal competitive evaluation through high level preference building and differentiation.

By managing and mitigating the customer's perception of risk, frequently associated with early-stage company solutions, RICHARDbSCOTT can secure anchor clients quickly and help your firm 'cross the chasm'.

  • How do we acquire our first, anchor clients?
  • What is the most promising opportunity for us in Europe?
  • What value will we add to European clients in our targeted sector?
  • Do we acquire or grow organically?
  • How can we quickly develop CXO relationships in a geographic sector that is new to us?






"Different customers buy different kinds of value." Michael Treacy, Fred Wiersema - The Discipline of Market Leaders

Every consultative salesperson knows that understanding the client's business strategy is key to closing a deal. But frequently understanding operational tactics and market forces is just as critical.

Complex sales are characterised by multiple buyers, each of whom is interested in only a small subset of a solution's benefits, those that satisfy their specific professional and personal agendas - thereby helping them avoid 'pain' or secure 'gain'.

RICHARDbSCOTT's leadership experience in the wireless sector has spanned strategy, operations, finance, technology and marketing. This has provided the background needed to unfold key relationships and close sales with operators, manufacturers, service providers, enterprise and public-sector clients.