iSetting Up Wireless Professional Services - Growing a New Practice


"How can we expand our professional services offering into the wireless sector in Europe?"

Core competence analysis, practice leader interviews, competitive analysis, market growth research, informal discussions with industry leaders, etc. - all serve to answer some basic questions:

  • What is the most promising European niche for us?
  • What value will we add to clients in the sector?
  • Do we acquire or grow organically?
  • How can we quickly develop CXO relationships in a sector that is new to us?
  • How do we acquire our first clients?






Case Study

The client was an 1,100 strong, NASDAQ-listed IT professional services firm. Targeted industries comprised transportation, government and retail. The board had decided to expand their service offerings into the wireless sector and hired RICHARDbSCOTT to create a market-entry plan.


One of the first steps in developing a plan for this client involved identifying the specific competencies that were central to the client's existing success. Interviews and discussions with both customers and practice leaders resulted in a short-list of core competencies:

  • An ability to create new solutions by successfully integrating new technologies together
  • A strong, process-driven CRM/retail practice
  • A so far unfailing ability to integrate small acquisitions

Another finding indicated that there was a strong desire within the firm to 'climb up the value chain' in order to secure assignments that were more operationally strategic.

Market niche segmentation and informal discussions with contacts in the wireless industry led to the following conclusions:

  • the mobile sector valued service suppliers who had the telco knowledge to deliver within a strategic context
  • customer service fulfillment was a big problem

The following recommendations were subsequently made to the client.

1) The firm had successful track record in acquisition and the customer had a desire to deal with service suppliers who could boast a 'strategic' perspective. The first line of attack was therefore to attempt to acquire a specific, privately held, telecoms strategy house.

2) The firm should develop a mobile practice group that would serve telco customers based on its ability to deliver CRM solutions successfully in the very demanding retail sector.

Over the next twelve months Richard delivered key CXO level introductions and specific opportunities within the wireless sector to the client.


While the acquisition target rebuffed the client's overtures, the firm's focus on levering their CRM expertise into the mobile sector succeeded.

Operators and manufacturers alike engaged the firm's resources to create and deliver both front and back office customer service solutions.

By the time the firm was acquired by a global IT services company, the mobile sector practice group had grown to represent an attractive share of the firm's overall revenue.