iAction-Based Consulting = More Than Strategy


Research, Plan, Execute

As an early-stage, technology sector company or new corporate venture you may be asking yourself a lot of questions:

  • Should we market direct or use channel partners - and if so, which ones?
  • Who really are our most promising clients and how do they buy?
  • How can we secure 'reference' clients early?
  • What is the competitive landscape?
  • What will finances look like?
  • How can we localise our technology strategy?
  • When should we have a physical presence - and where?
  • How do we service clients or provide technical support?

RICHARDbSCOTT answers these questions by:

  1. Understanding your European objectives.
  2. Delivering tangible results.







>> Securing ‘Anchor' Clients in Europe

>> Route-to-Market, Analysis & Execution

>> Creating a Mobile Services Practice Group

>> Relationships – Selling to Power

>> Creating a European Subsidiary

>> Building a Global Wireless Service

>> Technology Strategy & Development

>> Service Blueprint for a Tech Start-Up